Contact Us for All Your Needed Pumping and Plumbing System Services in Omaha, NE

Backlund Plumbing offers first-rate septic tank, grease trap, and car wash pit pumping so that your car wash or restaurant will stay clog-free. With the largest Omaha, NE vacuum truck fleet, we can handle any of your pumping needs.

We have the following tools to better serve you:

  • Hydro excavation trucks
  • Groundwater well pumping availability
  • Dedicated natural gas fired trucks

With these tools, we can pump out any septic tank, grease trap, or car wash pit and meet any vacuuming or sewer cleaning need you have.

Call our company today for any pumping or plumbing system issue at 402-341-0450.

Backlund Plumbing, Inc
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